Crownpoint rug auction

Friday, May 11, 2018
Friday, June 8, 2018

Ya’at’eeh (Welcome)

Founded over 50 years ago by Crownpoint Trading Post owners, the late Lavonne and Bill Palmer, the Crownpoint Rug Auction is a genuine Navajo event featuring contemporary, handmade, all-wool Navajo rugs and the weavers who make them. In 2014 the Navajo Rug Weavers’ Association of Crownpoint took over management of the auction and turned it into a prime venue for buyers and weavers of genuine Navajo rugs.

The auction takes place once a month (usually the second Friday) at the Crownpoint Elementary School. Weavers from all over the Navajo Nation bring in their rugs starting at 4:00 pm and the rugs are laid out on tables for buyers to inspect. Rug submission/inspection ends at 6:30 pm and the auction starts at 7:00 pm. It can run until 10:00 pm or later if there are many rugs to be sold. Rugs sell from less than $50 to thousands of dollars.