Art Events New Mexico & Studio Tour Guide is a publication of Streamlynx Communications, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Since 2014 we have published an annual print publication, The New Mexico Artists’ Studio Tour Guide, which is distributed throughout New Mexico to visitor centers, hotels, magazine racks and the artists’ studio tours that take place each year across New Mexico from May through November.

For our upcoming 5th edition we are expanding the print magazine by creating a new online presence and print publication called “ArtEvents New Mexico & Studio Tour Guide”.  The Guide and new web presence is designed to provide a comprehensive source of information about all art-related events that are occurring and will take place  within the State of New Mexico.  You can view past and present issues of the Studio Tour Guide here: http://arteventsnewmexico.com/home/new-mexico-artists-studio-tour-guide

A little history . . . The first incarnation of Streamlynx came about in 1995, inspired by the discovery of the first early iterations of “streaming media”.  Today Streamlynx Communications offers a diverse array of services and media platforms, including print media, streaming media and audio and video production.


Streamlynx, LLC (dba Streamlynx Communications), a New Mexico Limited Liability Company

7 Avenida Vista Grande #252, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

President: Marc-Paul LaRouche

SALES: (505) 438-9600  Editorial: (505) 913-9652

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